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Non-Fiction/Fiction Books

This updated Love, Infidelity and Sexual Addiction: With Cybersex Addiction, is an honest sharing of a trust betrayed. It chronicles the author's personal experiences with a sexually addicted spouse as well as stories of others in various stages of recovery from coaddiction. This book offers hope and healing to those who have suffered from repeated betrayal. It details a system of spiritual, emotional and behavioral self-help considerations including chapters defining Sexual Addiction, Coaddiction and Cybersex Addiction. Other chapters include: The Shame-based Family and The Spiritually Centered Family, Signs of Obsession, Compulsive Behavior, Finding Self, The Solution, A Healthy Relationship, Forgiveness.

A chance meeting, a peaceful setting at Sebago Lake in Maine, and a desperate need for relief from an unrelenting grief--all happen in September Love. In 2006, Derek Holland, a Morgan Stanley stockbroker, lost his young wife, Jenny, and seven-year-old Zachary, in a tragic accident when a Boston commuter train hit another train head-on. Now in 2008, during the September stock market plunge, when his company is faltering, he retreats to the peace and quiet of Sebago Lake.

Ironically, Ingrid Mikkelson returns to Sebago Lake Campgrounds each September to grieve the loss of her husband, Svien Mikkelson, who died of a sudden heart attack in 2006. They choose adjacent sites, #148 and #149.

In this chance meeting, they find a connection in their sorrow which quickly turns to love. But Ingrid has a secret that she hesitates to share with Derek. Their life story develops as they show how a new and deeper appreciation for life has grown out of a sudden loss of a loved one. It deepens their strength, their appreciation for relationship and the renewal of self through love.


By Christine A. Adams

Written in the style of Mitch Albom's, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The School Factory by Christine Adams switches time from present day, to the past and into the future. The commanding day is June 10th. The primary storyteller, Jenny Anderson, a loved senior English teacher. As the story opens, "Mrs. A." is in a head-on collision on her way to the graduation. In her unconscious state, she traces the year flashing back to events involving a dozen students. Their issues include illiteracy, early pregnancy, learning disabilities, crime, homosexuality, sexual perversion, racial bias, alcoholism and drug addiction. The conflict - their "real" human issues versus the "inhumane" school institution. By symbolically making all kids "products" tracked on different conveyor belts - in the factory, the author rips open the heart and soul of Heritage High. Throughout the novel, the conflict between the human needs of the teens and the rules of the factory builds. Some kids drop off the conveyor belt; one, Jim Bartlett, chooses suicide as his way out. In the last thread of the novel, the dying teacher meets Jim Bartlett. With Jim, now as her teacher, she experiences a true "TIMELESSNESS". She sees her students in their future lives. By expanding time, the author is able to help the teacher and the reader make sense of the incongruity and emptiness of a typical year in the school factory.


By Christine A. Adams