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Children's Elf-Help Book
All kids need friends. Yet children aren't born with finely tuned social skills . They must learn how to make friends, choose friends wisely, and keep good friends.
From Abbey Press Elf-Help Children's line illustrated by Robert Alley
Illustrated Gift book
One of the popular Abbey Press Elf-help books illustrated by Robert Alley
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Chris Adams is available for personal appearances, book signings and to present workshops and seminars. Her subjects are Maintaining A Spiritual Relationship -Addiction and The Family -Grief Therapy -Writing for Publication - Writing As a Tool in The Grief Process. (For latest sample seminar- click on attached link below)

UPDATE--Go to to purchase Elf Help Books,

When Abbey Press paused its production of Elf Help titles, there has been a great deal of interest in getting these popular Robert Alley illustrated Elves back in circulation!! Please contact me or others involved in producing this popular line if you have any suggestions. www.adamsbutch@​

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Chris lives in Florida with her husband Robert J. Butch who is a retired family therapist.