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Children's Elf-Help Book
All kids need friends. Yet children aren't born with finely tuned social skills . They must learn how to make friends, choose friends wisely, and keep good friends.
From Abbey Press Elf-Help Children's line illustrated by Robert Alley
Illustrated Gift book
One of the popular Abbey Press Elf-help books illustrated by Robert Alley
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ABC's of Grief

ABCs of Grief: A Handbook For Survivors

"ABC'S of Grief: A Handbook for Survivors is Artistic, Basic, and Compassionate. Christine Adams offers a tool that will help readers organize the chaos of grief according to their needs. Her alphabetical collection of vignettes, poetry, and wisdom of the ages not only allows readers to select that which they need at any point along their journey, but also helps them name their experience. From A to Z, readers feel the embrace of others who have known the savage experience of loss and grief . . . and in that company is the beginning of healing." Kass Dotterweich, Author of Grieving As A Woman (Abbey Press. 1998)

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The ABC's of Grief: a Handbook for Survivors meets bereaved persons wherever they might be in the grieving process, providing snatches of meaning, hope, empathy and understanding. It's a product of the author's own grief experience and includes materials collected over a period of three years.

Confronting her loss, Christine Adams found that it was all right to grieve at her own pace: one day at time, one thought, word, and letter at a time. Over time, she grew and healed.

This Handbook's alphabetical format allows readers to focus on any aspect of grief that suits them. If a newly bereaved person finds themselves absorbed in "anger" or "anxiety," he or she can read that section - then go back to reread those parts of the handbook, and with each visit find some new realizations and meaning.

Every section contains appropriate quotations, stories, and poems, written by survivors who found solace in writing.

ABC's was written to be both a source of healing information and inspiration. The information is useful in the confusing times of grief, the encouragement of the author is soothing; and the poems and stories remind the reader that others have visited the same places in their grief process. Grieving persons, and even grief groups, have found this book extremely beneficial.