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Children's Elf-Help Book
All kids need friends. Yet children aren't born with finely tuned social skills . They must learn how to make friends, choose friends wisely, and keep good friends.
From Abbey Press Elf-Help Children's line illustrated by Robert Alley
Illustrated Gift book
One of the popular Abbey Press Elf-help books illustrated by Robert Alley
Romance novella
A short love story set in New England.
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Christine A Adams now published in 32 Foreign Countries! England, Taiwan, Belgium, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa, India, Sweden, Philippines, Italy, Japan, France, China, Korea, Thailand, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Vietnam, Latvia, Egypt, Slovenia, South Korea, Netherlands, and Denmark.

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September Love
A chance meeting, a peaceful setting at Sebago Lake in Maine, and a desperate need for relief from an unrelenting grief - all happen in September Love. Derek Holland, who lost his wife and young son in a train crash, and Ingrid Mikkelson, whose husband died of a sudden heart attack, find an immediate connection as their sorrow turns to love. But Ingrid's secret threatens this love.

This novella shows how a deep appreciation for life can grow out of a sudden loss of life. Now, these two, who were wounded, treasure each moment of life together. Through death, they have found the true value of life, of love, of life itself.

Worry, Worry Go Away!

All kids experience worries. Helping children understand what worry is , where it comes from, and how to challenge it, is the first steop in overcoming anxiety. The little elves in this book help children to learn to STOP, to THINK TWICE, and see their worries for what they are.

This book presents new ways of evaluating and overcoming the psychological, spiritual, and physical dimensions of fear. It helps children find the confidence and courage to say, "Worry, Worry Go Away!"

About The Author

Christine A. Adams has over two million pamphlets and books in print. One very successful book with Abbey Press is an illustrated Elf Help Book, entitled One Day at a Time Therapy, which has sold over 500,000 copies and continues to sell thousands of copies each year. "One Day" is being published in Taiwan, England, Norway, Germany, Indonesia, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, France, and the Phillipines, India, Italy, Japan.

Another of Christine's popular Elf-Help books, Gratitude Therapy (Abbey Press 1999), was also published in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Italy, China, Korea, Taiwan, France, Brazil, Austria and South Africa. In addition, Chris has contributed a dozen or more titles to the Abbey Press Carenote line.

Christine, a veteran English teacher and trained counselor, started her publishing career in 1986 when she was completing a pre-doctoral program at the University of Massachusetts. Education articles began appearing in The English Journal and other educational journals.

For the next twenty years, Chris Adams has continued to publish articles, pamphlets, and several books on issues of addiction, relationship, spirituality, education and grief therapy. Recently she has added four children's book to her list.

A full length book called Living In Love: Connecting To The Power of Love Within, which speaks to the need for love and spirituality in our lives, was published by Health Communications, Inc. in 1993. Then, in 1998, Morehouse Publishing Group published a hardcover book, Holy Relationships, which describes a marriage "grounded in spirituality."

In September 2001, Abbey Press published, Happy To Be Me, a children's Elf-help book about self-esteem by Christine and her husband, Robert J. Butch, who is a family therapist. Since September 2002: Happy To Be Me :A Kidís book About Self-esteem has been published in Spain, Austria, Norway, Thailand, Sweden, Brazil, Philippines, Poland and Korea etc.

ABC's of Grief: A Handbook for Survivors was published by Baywood Publishing in 2003. This handbook was a product of the authorís own grief experience and includes materials collected over a period of three years.

In 2004, another elf-help childrenís book entitled Learning To Be A Good Friend: A Kidís Guide to Friendship was published by Abbey Press. Since then this book has been published in Spain, Norway, Poland, Brazil, and Korea, China, India, Sweden etc. It has also been licensed for publication in Egypt, Russia and many other countries.. Another Kid's Elf Help book on the subject of prejudice and diversity called God made Us One by One was published in November 2009. The School Factory (2010) is her first fictional piece about the state of our public school system. Worry, Worry Go Away was published in 2012.

Christine writes full time, presents workshops, and works as a consultant. She speaks at national conferences, and has conducted "Publishing Tips" workshops at Barnes and Noble Bookstores, and other bookstores across the country. She has had a regular schedule of book signings, and has presented workshops on "Spirituality in Relationship" for the various church groups and the Episcopal Church through Morehouse Publishing Group.

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The School Factory ----2010 - AVAILABLE NOW ON WWW.AMAZON.COM
Written in the style of Mitch Albom's, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The School Factory by Christine Adams switches time from present day, to the past and into the future. The commanding day is June 10th. The primary storyteller, Jenny Anderson, a loved senior English teacher. As the story opens, "Mrs. A." is in a head-on collision on her way to the graduation. In her unconscious state, she traces the year flashing back to events involving a dozen students. Their issues include illiteracy, early pregnancy, learning disabilities, crime, homosexuality, sexual perversion, racial bias, alcoholism and drug addiction or experimentation. The conflict - their "real" human issues versus the "inhumane" school institution.

By symbolically making all kids "products" tracked on different conveyor belts - in the factory, the author rips open the heart and soul of Heritage High. Throughout the parable, the conflict between the human needs of the teens and the rules of the factory builds. Some kids drop off the conveyor belt; one, Jim Bartlett, chooses suicide as his way out. In the last thread of the novel, the dying teacher meets Jim Bartlett. With Jim, now as her teacher, she experiences a true "TIMELESSNESS". She sees her students in their future lives. By expanding time, the author is able to help the teacher and the reader make sense of the incongruity and emptiness of a typical year in the school factory.

God Made Us One By One helps children define and recognize prejudice. It explains how prejudice can poison a person's mind and close it before the person really gets to know someone. We were created in God's image --each one of us, with all our differences. If we are to live in a world of harmony, our children must be shown how to live, learn,and work with others who are different.

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