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Elf Help Books

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Elf Help Books

Christine A Adams foreign titles are now published in 32 Foreign Countries! England, Taiwan, Belgium, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa, India, Sweden, Philippines, Italy, Japan, France, China, Korea, Thailand, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Vietnam, Latvia, Egypt, Slovenia, South Korea, and Denmark.

UPDATE on Domestic Elf- Help Books

On June 30,2017 Abbey Press shut down temporarily.  But Abbey Press is back in business at Saint Meinrad Archabbey in Saint Meinrad, IN.




For all domestic ElfHelp adult or children's books and Carenotes. Catalogues also available. Carenotes has  facebook page!

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Happy To Be Me: A Kid's Book About Self-esteem

Helping children develop good self esteem means helping them to be themselves. It means letting them know how loved and cherished they are--just because of who they are.

The elfin friends in this book lead the young reader through a process of self-discovery: exploring uniqueness, building a healthy self-image, and preparing for challenging situations.

Every child in the world is special, gifted, and wonderful. And each one deserves to feel "happy to be me." This honest and upbeat Kids Book about Self-esteem brings real help and understanding.

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Learning To Be A Good Friend: A Guidebook for Kids

Learning to Be A Good Friend shows kids how to cultivate friendship. It discusses behaviors that foster friendships, as well as those that drive friends away. It illustrates the pitfalls of peer pressure, and what to do when you can't find a friend or have lost your best friend.

All kids need friends. So, to have friends, kids need to learn to be a good friend. Parents, teachers, and family friends can teach “friendship skills” by helping the child become more compassionate and avoid the behaviors that deter “friend making.”

Worry, Worry Go Away!

All kids experience worries. Helping children understand what worry is , where it comes from, and how to challenge it, is the first steop in overcoming anxiety. The little elves in this book help children to learn to STOP, to THINK TWICE, and see their worries for what they are.

This book presents new ways of evaluating and overcoming the psychological, spiritual, and physical dimensions of fear. It helps children find the confidence and courage to say, "Worry, Worry Go Away!"

One day At A Time Therapy

One Day at A Time Therapy helps you focus on today, to let go of painful memories of your past and your fears of the future. It encourages you to see yourself as a child , happy and loved and in control of your own life. It affirms that God is very close to you---and that God is now.